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Instagram is the social media platform that is providing the users with the bulk of features; still, it is not having sufficient features to Create Instagram stories remarkably. So we are here to help you out in this, the users should use the adobe Photoshop for getting the finest outcomes regarding the story customization.

Usually, brands are in search of a unique profile which is having a remarkable appearance; this is the thing that can be created with the help of Instagram stories. As soon as the person visits your profile, they will what are the things that you have posted in your story before going through your feed.

Now you might have got the idea regarding the importance of the story customization so that you can create more traffic. Moreover, there are several more that you need to know regarding the story customization. Take a look below:-

Things to know about the Instagram story customization available:-

  • Edit the Instagram story templates:-

In order to maintain the brand aesthetic at your Instagram stories is mandatory for the accommodation a cohesive look, and you can feel that your brand is reaching several more platforms. This is the thing that can be done with the help of attractive features that can help you to draw attention towards your Instagram account. The best part is you are going to get the finest results within fewer steps and edit the colors of the Instagram stories template with the help of photoshop.


  • Add on the images for editing in the adobe photoshop:-

With the help of the brand colors and the touch of focus can help the users to design their story template with the desired images. If it recommended for the users to select the images that are having the higher quality pixels that can enable you to get the jaw-dropping results. The users need to open the layers option on the right hand and easily pick the desired images folder and click on the down arrow, which can be seen next to the folder icon. Bingo! You are done with half of the task; the users are going to get the most satisfactory results that cannot be obtained by the default options available at Instagram.

  • Easily change the fonts:-

Photoshop can make all different type of customization that is possible that is including the variety of fonts for the brands. The users are enabled to use the free fonts present there for the perfect brand name of yours. The users can opt for the free fonts from the google fonts by searching for the respective style. The best part is the users are enabled to use the downloaded fonts for free and add on the layer of the text on the photoshop.

The final verdict

To Create Instagram stories with the awestruck results, you need to take the help from the adobe photoshop. This is the software which is being loved by millions of people as it will provide you with the most acceptable quality results along with the easy operational features.



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