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by Alex Willson - Monday, 28 September 2020, 8:32 AM
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We rely heavily on our furnaces to keep us warm throughout the blistering cold winter months. Because they are a vital component, it’s essential to keep them in good working order. This starts with having inspections and maintenance performed. Though you may only consider a furnace inspection upon moving into a new place or purchasing a home, these can routinely be done to maintain quality service.

Checking The Vent

Are there any blockages happening throughout the vents? This is something your contractor will want to know before going any further with their systems check. A blockage or damage to the furnace vents could single the need for a Columbus GA furnace repair. Blocked ducts are one of the leading causes of preventable fires in the United States. An inspection can readily solve this problem, allowing for worry-free use throughout the winter.

Examining The Heat Exchanger

The problem with heat exchangers is that corrosion can happen. Corrosion will damage the pipes. Cracks are quite common and will occur in older units. This can be a complicated repair to make and often require a replacement. This is a top reason to have an inspection done, especially when purchasing a house. 

Check Blower and Examine Seals

Is the blower working as it should? Are the seals cracking and not lubricated. Often the blower door seals will become dry and cracked. This can allow for leaks and whistle sounds when you turn your furnace on. In addition to looking for cracks, your HVAC technician will look for blockages here and lubricate parts, like the motor, as needed. 

Perform An Amp Draw Test

Amp draw tests can find issues with the electric current and if there are any issues with grounds or bad connections. This test can take just a few minutes to complete using a multimeter but can provide a wealth of information about your system and when something isn’t working a possible cause. Electrical problems can be difficult to track down, but with an amp draw test, you can quickly rule this out.

Examine The Belts/ Change The Air Filter

Belts can dry rot and crack over time. If the belt breaks, the furnace won’t be able to function. Air filters will need to be routinely replaced, and during a routine inspection, your technician can determine if the filter is old and needs to be replaced or if it has more life left. Typically, replacing the filter is the best choice as it is an economical piece to replace, and they can’t be reused.