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by Best Digital Updates - Saturday, 23 January 2021, 7:27 AM
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Google has introduced two new local SEO tools: Google Local Guides and Google Places. Google Local Guides is a new way to find great places by searching for specific areas in Google. You simply type in your area or zip code and Google Local will do the rest. Once you find great places by using Google Local Guides, you can rate and review the business, and let people know where they can go to find great places to eat, shop, and sight see. Google Places is similar, but instead of searching for places in your immediate area, you can search for popular places within a certain city.

Google Local Guides first launched back in 2021 and was redesigned in 2021. Google Labs, the company that created Google Local, realized that there were a number of areas that Google users did not include in their daily searches. Google then set out to fix these issues by creating Google Places and collecting feedback from local businesses and individuals. Google Local Guides is now one of the best ways to increase business listings on Google Maps, which in turn, helps in improving user experience and making mobile browsing easier.

Google Local Guides is very easy to use and provides a number of valuable features. You can create your business profile, answer questions, upload images, videos, and add or edit contact details, as well as point and click to rate businesses within a certain geographic location. If you need to quickly research and leave reviews for a business, Google Local Guides allows you to search for reviews by keyword, category, or even date. Once you've left a review for a business, you can quickly find it in Google Maps by typing in the name of the establishment in the address field. Google then offers a list of nearby businesses. These helpful tools are a perfect way to increase customer satisfaction and give businesses an edge in competing against other businesses in their given area.

Another great feature in Google Local Guides is the fact that it encourages user-generated content. In a world where online reviews are everywhere, local search results provide a useful venue for businesses to provide real life experiences instead of just advertising. Reviews provide customers with information about a business without the person needing to put in too much information, and in many cases, businesses have multiple reviews to encourage a return visit. This not only helps to improve the ranking of the business on Google Local but also drives up the user-generated content rating, ultimately helping to increase the online visibility of the business.

Google Local Guides also offers a number of edits to help improve the ranking of a local business. You can add business highlights, reviews, and/or more data and information about your business in the map editors available. You can change the information in the guide once it has been saved, meaning that you can make small changes on the fly when it's convenient for you. These edits are also synced back to Google Maps so that other websites can use your information if you've saved it incorrectly. Local guides are easy to use, making them a great choice for new business owners.

Google Local Guides makes it easy for businesses to get the exposure they need. These guides show potential customers how to find their businesses and provide potential users with information based on what the searcher type in. Users can search for a location anywhere in the world, and the resulting Google Local Guides will provide data and information about that location. Users can also search for a specific business listing and the resulting Google Local Guides will provide information about the business, allowing users to explore the area and figure out exactly where a business is located.

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