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When someone is going scuba diving, they always search for guidance tips for it. But guess what? Most of them forget about checking the safe Scuba Diving Gear they need for the experience. So is this mistake good for them? No, for sure it is not, and that is why we are here to help you all to know the basic things about scuba diving gear.

The things that the basic phase of gear includes and what it does!

1.      Scuba mask

The mask is something that we wear in front of our eyes and nose. It is an important thing because it won't be practical to be able to see under the water without it. It helps the eyes focus properly and helps the nose to equalize the pressure of air once the person is going deeper into the water.

2.      Snorkel

It is a simple curved tube that we see in the stores very easily when we buy the gear. It helps the person to conserve the air. The snorkel helps keep some amount of air in the tank when we are on the water surface. It is a vital thing as we do need the air when we are under the water. So ensure that it is of good quality and is not broken in any way.

3.      Scuba fins

Ever seen fishes with legs? Not in the cartoons, obviously! No, you haven't, because it is as simple as that; if they had legs, they wouldn't be able to swim in the water. Water is denser, and that is why it is hard to move the legs effortlessly. But it is the work of the scuba fins that they help move in the water. They are an important part of the Scuba Diving Gear, and we surely can’t dive into the water without them.

4.      Wetsuits

No, the suit isn't wet already. It is a suit that helps the body not to get wet and keep the water out properly. The suit is made with spandex like material or foam neoprene rubber. The suit keeps you dry. But it is not the only reason they are important. The water is so cold when we go deeper. So the suit keeps the body warm and doesn't let the water rob the heat of the body. Some people like it also because it can help the diver away from the risks of scratches and stings.

These are the four pieces of equipment that we need for the introductory part. But other types of equipment are a part of the scuba diving gear too. They are,

·        Scuba regulators

·        Scuba BCDs, also known as the scuba buoyancy compensator

·        Dive computers

These are the three other equipment that is important when it comes to life-support equipment. With the help of these, it will be easy for the divers to have a safe experience, and they will have a better enjoyment. So keep a check on the quality and how to buy them in the proper way when buying them!