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The attractive board of your barbershop, the engaging interior décor, and the comfortable chairs attract an audience and makes customers feel welcomed. The operations were going very well. But suddenly the pandemic strikes. Due to which barbers have to close their shop due to which they have suffered from a very huge financial loss. The safety measures of the pandemic forced them to think that they can never establish their business again.

After some time, the government allowed the commencement of all businesses. But the barbers don’t have enough money to start with the same number of employees to manage a business efficiently. The technology has solved this problem through Barber Software. By using this software, they can easily restart their business with fewer employees by getting all their customers back.

Now you have the power to change and you can switch from pen and paper to the online system. This can increase your productivity by allowing clients the ease of scheduling an appointment and streamlines all information regarding clients and revenues. Still, we are experiencing a worse situation due to Covid-19 but this software will provide you with the ease of commencing business by following standard precautionary measures.

Benefits of Using This Software:

Streamlined Scheduling of An Appointment:

You can replace in house booking with the only method of phone call booking but it is still not a reliable method. Now almost all systems have moved online which is providing ease of booking to clients. The only option for you to grow is to provide an online booking facility.

This is also a source of eliminating human error because clients enter their information by themselves and also write their requirement of a style. Online information of their requirements eliminates the error of forgetting or mixing of client’s requirement. This also saves you from the error of over scheduling.

Happy Clients:

When you develop personal relations with your clients it always makes them feel special. When you greet your clients with their names and remember about their requirements without making them repeat what are their requirements. They always appreciate your concern and it also increases their loyalty. Loyal customers are one of your most important assets because they not only are willing to spend more at your business but also a source of positive word of mouth for potential clients.

To make your customers happy you have to adopt every necessary method which can do this for you. If you are still relying on sticky notes to record the requirements of clients you need to stop using this method. Instead of this method switch yourself to the Barber Software through which you can access the data of clients. By studying the about clients, you will find out about personal requirements and through their previous behaviour, you can have a firm knowledge of the likes and dislikes of your customer.

Convenient Ways of Payment:

To commence your business as a barber in this modern world you have to make sure that you are providing your clients with all convenient methods of payment. Except being getting paid through pos you also need to access information regarding credit or debit card payments. Instead of keeping a manual record of transactions uses this software. It will keep a record of each transaction and provides you with ease to access information at any time. In that way, you can simplify the payment process and also it ensures the smooth flow of cash into your business.

Productivity of Staff Increase:

When you utilize Barber Management Software it will not only provide ease to you but every employee of your barbershop is benefitting from it. Because they don’t have to manage the calendars and appointment scheduling manually. Due to this you and your staff don’t need to spend time on these time wastage and hectic tasks. Instead, you and your team can spend time focusing on bigger tasks to grow your business.

You Can Better Understand Your Clients and Business:

If you have software that provides you statistics regarding your business then you can have a better view of the progress of your business. Through the software, access to the data of sales will show you the positive or negative growth of your business. You can use this information to pinpoint those things which are not going right for your business and develop a strategy for how to improve them.


There is no doubt that pandemic has ruined many businesses but the usage of this software can help you to revive your business with very less investment. Wellyx is a source of revival pf your business from the verge of being closed. This software will manage all your day-to-day tasks and with fewer employees, you can easily manage your business.