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Many problems arise with your plumbing that requires the services of a Paramus plumber. What happens, however, when the problems with your water are from natural causes? How do you protect yourself and your family? Flooding can be devastating. Natural disasters are out of our control and no fun for any individual and/or homeowner. It does not matter what the source of the flood was; when you are a victim of flooding your main concern during/after the flood is to ensure that everyone in your home remains healthy and safe. This mission includes making sure that the water is safe for everyone to drink.

Heavy rainfall results in contamination of the water that you use every day. When sewage systems overflow bacteria, parasites, chemicals, and viruses can find their way into your water system. Any water that gets into the water without first being purified can be dangerous. This goes beyond just the water that you drink. If you use water to clean a wound or wash dishes with contaminated water, you can end up becoming sick.

If you live in an area where flooding has happened, the health department typically puts out a boil order to let you know the water is compromised. There may be times, however, where you do not receive the notification. If your power is out, you may be unable to receive the notification. You must be aware of safety precautions during a flood.

Water from the Well

There are still those that you a private well for water supply rather than using water supplied by the city. There is a high contamination risk for well water, especially if your reservoir is not deep. If there is water surrounding the well after a flood; it is a sign that your water is contaminated.

There are different opinions on whether you should use water from your well after flooding occurs. There are health experts that say it is safe if it is treated before use and others who advise not to use it at all. If there is advisory out for the water, use bottled water if you cannot. If you decide to use the well water; you must treat it before you use it.

Treating Water Before Using

There is a chance that treating water can kill the bacteria, parasites, and viruses that made their way into the water because of a flood. It is unlikely that all methods are going to kill all the organisms in the water and removing chemicals is exceedingly difficult. There are cost-effective solutions available that can treat your water, but there is always a risk that the water will still be contaminated. Boiling and purifying are other options for treating your water before you use it.