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Didn't it happen to you more than once? You sit down to write an article for your blog, talk about the topic under consideration, write a lot and well, publish it, but... Later on, this post does not have the consequences you expected. Why not?
There are many people who talk about an infallible formula to write the perfect article for a blog. I prefer to talk about things that can work, because in most cases they do. In this post I will talk about 7 steps which, if you do it right, are likely to make your articles stand out and become more attractive. Shall we start?
We have already told you about the huge benefits that an active blog can bring to your business. We like to insist on it because the benefits are very large and can be very interesting for you and your brand. But of course, having a blog is not just about writing from time to time. You should do it regularly and do it well. This article will provide you with great writing help. Well, we hope so. Very carefully!

1. Think of a topic or idea
First of all, stop and think about what you want to talk to your audience about. Whatever your business is, there are always topics to write about. But there is one requirement: they have to be related to the products or services you offer. It's not the first time I've come across businesses that talk about totally different things on their blog just to gain more traffic, and this is absurd! In the end, you're making it worse because the traffic that comes to your website is not interested in you at all.
In other words, if you have an insurance agency, you can't write an article titled "10 healthy and rich foods to incorporate into your diet". It seems very obvious, but you'd be surprised at the number of blogs of this type that I find.

2. Write an attractive title

An eye-catching headline will grab readers' attention. Some of the keys to getting a good one are

  •     Use keywords
  •     Making lists (such as the headline of this article)
  •     Solve a problem or issue
  •     Explain a case of success or failure
  •     Allude to a specific audience
3. Write a super introduction

This, in addition to the title, is also crucial when writing an article. Why? Well, because if a reader starts reading your post and doesn't find what he or she sees interesting, it will last on your blog less than a newscast. Avoid this by creating an interesting introduction, which adds value and which advances something you can continue to enjoy if you keep reading.
Try to do that by generating expectation and explaining to the reader all that they are going to learn and experience thanks to your post.  This will make him curious and will probably keep him reading it.


4. Includes visual content

This is essential. As you know, (and increasingly), visual elements make any content on the Internet, win. And to write an article it was not going to be less. Improve your post by inserting some images, gifs or videos where you think it's convenient.
An image is much easier to assimilate than a written content, and this will make people not only read your blog because of the photos, but because of the published content in general. How many visual elements should you include? What they recommend is an image every 350 words, but this is very variable.
What is certain is that it is a very good way to make your article much more attractive and to generate empathy with the reader, something very important for them to share afterwards.

5. Keyword, keyword, keyword.

If you want your blog to be positioned in Google, the most important thing is that when you write an article you always take into account a keyword. Choose one that is adapted to the topic and has a good volume of searches (without going overboard). Once you have it, repeat it a large number of times throughout the post. I recommend using it about 2-3 times every 100 words. This way you will have more chances to move up in the search engines. But don't overdo it. Google rewards naturalness and if you put it in a forced way you will surely be penalized. For the most attentive: If you find out which word I have used in this post tell me in the comments.

6. Extra, extra!

When writing an article, you should also think of extra material to offer your potential reader. This is another way to get their attention and increase the chances of them sharing it with their network. Two good examples are links and share buttons.
The links will make you provide the reader with additional information to what you are telling them, so that their reading is as complete as possible. They will appreciate this especially if they are really interested in the topic you are talking about.
On the other hand, the sharing buttons on social networks are very important for your content to go viral. Or at least, to reach as many people as possible. You make people's lives easier, otherwise they would have to copy the link and paste it into the social network where they want to share it, and add some comment. With the buttons you save them all that. I am very clear that without them, many people would never share anything. We are lazy by nature!

7. Conclusion and call to action

Surely you still remember when you were told at school that everything you wrote had to have a conclusion. Well, what they told you wasn't silly, and the time to write your article is almost as important as the introduction. Don't leave the reader with the honey on his lips. If you start a topic you have to close it and, if you give your own conclusion based on everything you have said before, better than better.

And, of course, make a call to action that invites the user to interact with your post, your content or your page. Depending on your objectives, it will be one way or another: Did you find everything I told you interesting? Then make a comment and tell me why!
So, what I said, if you have any other tricks I haven't mentioned or you follow other steps to write your articles, you know, tell me in the comments!

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