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by sorza bronzepringer - Saturday, 6 February 2021, 6:16 PM
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Benefits of partnering with Karnoenergy for design and mep engineering services

Karnoenergy offers customers customized MEP engineering services at short notice. We fulfill all the requirements and specifications of our clients and ensure the accuracy and efficiency of our projects. We take an approach that is economical and time-limited. There are many reasons why you might choose Karnoenergy to design and develop MEP solutions.   

  •                 Serving a variety of industry verticals - Karnoenergy caters to the needs of a large customer base. We provide customized and cost effective services to architects, construction contractors, mechanical consultants, construction companies and CA D service providers around the world.  
  •                 Advanced technical expertise - Karnoenergy experts are always up to date with new technology trends and use the latest software available for MEP design and development . Our engineers and draftsmen have extensive experience with AutoCAD , Revit , MicroStation , Navisworks , EPLAN, Elit , Carrier -HAP and Train-Trace 600. ( )  
  •                 Qualified Engineers and Draftsmen - We have engineers who understand ISO / FDA regulations. They have extensive experience in various forms of engineering outsourcing such as reverse engineering, prototyping, system-level modeling, and 2D and 3D CAD projects.  
  •                 Extensive Experience - Karnoenergy has over a decade of experience and customers enjoy superior quality, precision, efficiency, cost savings and on-time delivery. Our MEP design and drafting services have been deployed in leading residential, commercial, government, industrial and institutional buildings, healthcare facilities, hotels and hospitality facilities, laboratories, research and development centers and data centers.  
  •                 Compliance with Building Codes and Standards - At Karnoenergy we comply with all required civil engineering standards including ASHRAE (HVAC), AS ( Mech .), IBC ( Civil ), ACCA (HVAC), UBC ( Civil ) and AIA drawing standards . ... We make sure that all our drawings and designs comply with BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) and IFMA (International Facility Managers Association) standards.  

Outsourcing of design and MEP drafting services to England

At Karnoenergy , we have the infrastructure, knowledge and over a decade of domain expertise to offer customized MEP solutions for a variety of business needs. So, if you decide to outsource design and engineering services to England, you should better know about our mep engineering services .